How the Fetish Conversation Changes with Amateur Performers

“An amateur cam model will not understand your fetishes”

When it comes to the amateur scene, there are going to be a few fundamental differences between an inexperienced model and someone who performs in front of the camera for a living. Obviously, this is the entire point of looking for one in the first place. Be sure to keep in mind, however, that not everything is going to proceed the same as it would with a professional cam girl. Most of this comes down to mindset, which is going to vary greatly between two different kinds of performers out there, and so long as you know the difference, you can reap the benefits. All of that having been said, keep in mind that women who are interested in streaming themselves for the sake of a quick thrill, some fast cash, or simple morbid curiosity are not going to have the same sort of work ethic of someone was actually in the business. This is just like you would find of professionals and newcomers in all other kinds of work: sites devoted to streaming naked women are really no different.

She Is Probably Going to Be More Judgmental

What should be one of the best parts about exploring fetishes with cam site models, is not actually a trait typically shared by those new to the business. What we’re mainly talking about, in this case, is the lack of judgment you will usually come across when dealing with professional cam site models and the exploration of various different fetishes and kinks. The simple fact of the matter is that these are not professionals: they are girls actively looking for a thrill or maybe a quick couple of dollars. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, and there are quite a few perks that come with this kind of performer, there are a couple cons as well. One of the biggest ones is that she is going to have a lot less of an incentive to make you feel comfortable about anything, and want to keep you around her stream. As is typically reflected in most reviews of amateur sites, this is essentially the Wild West of live streaming porn. You never know who you are going to find and in some cases that is part of a thrill. In other cases, however, it is part of the problem. Find out, which is the most popular amateur cam site by reading Jasmin Review: We Put It Up Against the Web’s Hottest Cam Sites. Get some more information on live cam sex before asking a cam model to perform a personal fetish for you.

Deciding to introduce a personal fetish to an amateur cam model takes a little bit more good humor than you may be used to. She is going to be far less inclined to check her words, more likely to giggle if not because she actually thinks it’s funny than out of nervousness, and generally be less receptive to things that don’t have the best reputations in everyday life. Of course, all of this is subject to caveats concerning where and how you found this girl the first place. Obviously, someone who has decided to stream through a BDSM website is probably not going to have this type of reaction to anything that involves domination, submission, role-play, and the like. Trying to get someone on a very different kind of site to so much as listen to suggestions about the same sort of thing, however, is setting yourself up for failure. Know what you are getting into, and what sort of reactions to expect, and then handle these reactions with some kind of grace. Generally speaking, laughter is your best bet for dealing with anything, and be prepared to be teased and probably let down. Stick to sites that you know will cater to you or kinks anyway, and this will be far less of a problem.

Do Not Expect Her to Have the Right Toys

“I am sorry, I don’t have that”

One of the other major difficulties with amateur models in particular that you wouldn’t have with their professional counterparts is a simple matter of inventory. That is to say someone who has been in the business for a while, or who at least treats it as a business, is going to be far more inclined to invest in the right props, accessories, and toys to get the most men in her channel than someone who is just doing this for fun. Obviously, of course, there are exceptions to this rule, and you may well find an amateur model who has all of the best toys and top-of-the-line gear. What we’re saying is just that it is highly unlikely. If you have a more involved kink that you want to see performed live on camera, probably don’t want to ask an amateur model to do it. It is a common theme we have seen among many reviews for people who set themselves up for failure by expecting something that in retrospect really makes no sense to have expected in the first place.

It’s Better to Stick to Easier Fetishes

“She’ll be happy if you ask her for light fetishes”

With all that in mind, the best advice we can give for amateur cam sites in general, is to use them for simpler kinks and fetishes. This means anything that does not require someone to have an elaborate sex toy, detailed outfit, or other sort of prop that most women are getting keep around the house anyway. For all intents and purposes, this means largely restricting your interests to things like shoes, lingerie, vibrators, and the like. Of course, there are good many cam sites out there cater to more specific categories of kinks and fetishes and also host amateur cams. Were the specific cases is okay to adjust your expectations accordingly. It has been our experience that these sites are rated and reviewed accordingly. That is to say, you should know going in that they are good sites for not only inexperienced women on camera, but those who are specifically interested in the same sorts of fetishes and kinks as you.

Don’t Stick Around If She’s Not Interested

“It seems like she is not interested, so don’t force her”

Another very real difference between a professional model and an amateur one is that while a professional model may still be quite interested in putting on a good show for whoever happens to be in her channel, inexperienced one who has no interest in becoming a professional does not. What this means is that while you may be used to finding a girl and hanging out in her channel regardless of how receptive she initially was to your kinks, you should not expect to get anything out of it in this case. Most of the time, she will probably just think you are weird for staying in a chat viewing cam that you obviously get nothing out of. Special model, comparison, they be more inclined to try and find something you will like instead. It is this sort of thing that really separates those who know what they want out to perform for other people from those who are just doing it on a whim. Obviously, if there was no appeal watching someone who has no idea what she’s doing, there would not be of much of the market for it. However, appealing that notion may be, need to know all the ways it does not benefit you just as much as the ones in which it does. In the end, that is the only real way it anything out of your amateur website experience.

What to Do When You Have More Fashion Sense than She Does

Having an eye for fashion in the first place can be the perfect way to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes, however, it can also mean you end up being the one more concerned and more knowledgeable about appearance. While this is not as common as the other way around, it happens more frequently than most people think. Unfortunately, that does not mean there is a lot of advice on how to deal with it. Hookup dating sites, after all, are all about getting people together: not keeping them together. Get some more information on hookup sites online here: Get some interesting tips with this online dating guide and learn how to improve her fashion sense.

Figure out How Important It Is to Her

The most important step in any clash of sensibilities to figure out exactly how important this is to her. Hopefully, you already have an idea of how important it is to you, but it may be worth double-checking anyway. In either case, the answer will determine the best course of action to take, so be honest with yourself and careful in your assessment of her. Just because she does not seem particularly fashionable does not mean her appearance is not important to her. In many cases, the situation may turn out to be that she does not like the trends at current or the world of fashion in general. Just because she dresses without a care for the current trends or in opposition to them does not mean she does not care about how she looks in general.

In other words, be very careful when trying to figure out whether fashion is something important to her. Asking in the wrong way or rushing to judgment is a quick way to end up back on hookup dating sites instead of out on a date. While she certainly isn’t the last available woman in the UK, if you liked her in the first place, respecting her enough to accept a difference of opinion in this matter is fundamental. Fortunately, figuring out where she stands on the matter of appearance can be a pretty easy thing to gauge. Just watching her habits for a while should tell the story well enough to give you a basic idea. That is not to say you cannot be surprised, of course, but how much she cares should come through well enough in how she presents herself on a day-to-day basis.

The best place to start is with makeup. While this does not say much about the type of clothing she prefers to wear, it can say a lot about her attitude towards appearance and fashion in general. Someone who consistently spends the time putting on makeup every morning is going to be more interested in up keeping appearances than someone who does not. Moreover, the more season-specific the colors, the more likely that she will be open to some critique of her wardrobe. This is because you can assume that she is paying attention to trends of some kind and would want that sort of feedback. Someone who does not frequently wear makeup, however, is probably less concerned with fashion in general. A woman whose makeup is especially counter culture, whoever, or in the same style no matter what she wears is much more likely to making a conscious decision to avoid the world of fashion and the current trends therein. Know where she stands and then decide if it is worth bringing up at all. Chances are, if she falls into the latter group, you may end up biting off more than you want to handle with this.

Approach According to Her Comfort

Knowing where to begin is half the battle. Having some idea of where she stands when it comes to fashion in general lets you craft you message to be the most appealing to her. While, in some ways, putting together the perfect profile for a dating site can seem easier than approaching her about something you clearly clash on, using what you learned about appealing to her in the first place can really come in handy. You already got her attention once, after all.

Always start the discussion acknowledging what you think is her position on the matter and the presenting your own in contrast. After that, the key is to ask for feedback and stop talking. Really. Half of a conversation should be listening. This is not a lecture and approaching it in that manner is likely to irritate or intimidate her out of actually listening. Now, if you figured she was not into fashion at all because she did not particularly care about it, it may be worth approaching it from the angle of how important being presentable is to you. Make sure you do come off as if you are trying to police her per say. Instead, present your concerns in a way that focuses on how important appearances are to you and why, and then ask if it is something she would be comfortable with you giving some pointers on. Be prepared to be turned down.

How Important Is It for Her to Look Fashionable?

Keep in mind that whether the case is that she does not care or is purposely going against the grain, you care more about this than she does. That puts you at a disadvantage and one that you need to acknowledge in the course of the conversation or risk ending up back on hookup dating sites. The best way to do this is to stick to the fact that it is important to you and why that is, just remember that she will not necessarily be willing to make the change regardless. This is particularly true if she is purposely going against the trends of the time, or sticking to a particular subculture look. For her is more about identity and asking her to adjust that is like asking her to change who she is. It is important to keep in mind that for women in particular, how they look is an important facet of who they are. Even not caring enough to make an effort at conventionally attractive or adhering to current trends is making a statement.

Make Peace

In the end, always remember that you may very well have to let it go. If looking a certain way is really important to you, it may be worth it to consider if you should continue pursuing a relationship with someone for whom this clearly is not a priority. Especially in the case of someone who is purposely subverting trends, being honest with the importance of this in your life is integral to the success of the relationship. If you like her enough to overlook it, do not try to revisit this unless she brings it up first. Be prepared to drop the topic entirely and not bother her about it for the foreseeable future. Rather than simply burring the hatchet, coming to terms with the fact that she is not going to change her ways is important. If you can honestly overlook her decision and not be bothered by it, things will work out. If, however, you cannot keep yourself from thinking about her decision, it might be best to break it off.

A Profile to Hook up Quickly

“You should try to make your online dating profile appealing”

Making the right impression is all about setting yourself up for success. It’s just as true online as it is in the workplace and there is never any reason to short change yourself in either area. That is why taking the time to set up a decent profile will often do wonders for your ability to really find someone worth hooking up with. You could read all of the British sex dating site reviews out there and you still won’t be able to guarantee a hook up no matter what site you use. Really taking your time to make a solid profileis what separates the desperate and unknowledgeable from the men that get laid. However, it does not mean that you completely ignore the importance of a good and legit dating site. Choose from the best online dating sites to create your profile. Check Our Reviews and Ranking of the Best UK Dating Sites on the Web. Make your choice on the basis of the comparison chart of the best dating sites on the internet.

Keep It Short and Clean

“Try to keep your personal information precise and short”

Right from the beginning, you need to appeal to her in every way possible. When it comes to profiles, whether they are for dating or straight up sex, the very first thing you need to show her is that you know how to be visually appealing. That means no wall of texts and no anaemic amounts of it either. You need to set a good balancebetween the white space available and the amount of text you write. Mostly, the formula comes down to about two, short paragraphs on dating sites, and one paragraph worth of writing split in two for sites devoted to just hooking up for a roll in the hay. The entire point here is to get across what you need to say in as few words as possible, not only for the sake of clarity, but also for the sake of how it appeals visually on the page. The more information you give, the less likely she is to read it. The less information you have, the less of a chance you have to make the impression you want. The balance can be difficult, but a few revisions really shouldn’t take you long at all, and eventually leave you with something that is going to attract the womanyou want.

Be Clear about What You Want

“Tell her exactly what you want”

The most important part of your profile is that it needs to highlight what it you are really looking for. Do not waffle back and forth between dating, casual sex, and the rest. In the end, you show really know better than anyone what you want out of any given relationship. Trying to look good for all comers is just going to turn women off from both. The ones looking for more than a hook up will looking at a profile that lists casual sexalongside a committed relationship as someone needy and just looking for attention. Meanwhile, the women looking for a quick lay might consider it too risky to hook up with a guy that could be looking for a more permanent attachment. Do you see how you are essentially screwing yourself over with this? When it comes to producing a successful profile, there is nothing more important that tell her exactly what you want and how you intend to get it. If that means bringing all the equipment for an elaborate fantasy you really just need to try, say so. On the other hand, if it means that, even if you could go for a roll in the hay, you are ultimately looking for something more, say that. Choose one or to the other, or, ideally, use two different sites to address each need separately. At the end, that is the only good way to deal with something like that.

Using two different sites might seem like more than it is worth, but when you consider what is effective versus what is convenient you can start to see the true value of this advice. What is comes down to be the simple fact that most of these websites have already done the legwork for you. That was the whole point in signing up in the first place, wasn’t it? So take advantage of what has already been done in your favour and find the best Glasgow dating site as well as its best hook up site and separate the two wants. You didn’t spend all of that time digging through British sex dating site reviews for nothing, after all. Obviously, if you only have one preference, then stick to that. Just make sure you are not copying the same profile into each. Not only do they need to be of different lengths, but they need to have different kinds of information. No one cares about your hobbies if they are just looking to get laid, but everyone is going to care about them if they are looking for someone to date. Ultimately, it is all about knowing your audienceand what really gets them motivated.

Make Sure She Knows It’s on You

“You are better than everyone else”

Another good thing to keep in your profile is a reminderof how good it will be for her to hook up with you over someone else. Never forget that you are one in a sea of choices for her and it is up to you to use everything in your power to stick out among the crowd. So instead of spending all of your time in your profile talking about you and what you want, give some references for who she is going to benefit from replying or reaching out to you in the first place. Often times, this can be as simple as an aside about knowing all the best places in Glasgow for hooking up without being bothered. Sometimes, it comes in the form of mentioning all the kinks you want a potential playmate to share and how you will take care of getting everything you need for the both of you to enjoy yourselves. Whatever you settle on, always remember to highlight it. If possible, build it into your first sentence, since that is the most likely one they will read before leaving.

Give Them Something to Look Forward To

“Don’t share naked pictures with her”

Last, but certainly not least, is the importance of a good profile photo. You need to give her a hint of what to expect: don’t overdo it! This is not something you will typically see covered in British sex dating site reviews, however, it is imperative to building something women are going to really react to the moment they see it. Find a guide than can tell you the best way to appear attractive to the kind of woman you really want to attract and go out of your way to make that photo happen. Do up all of the lighting you can find and take the time to edit it after the fact. You do not need to change who you are, but you would be surprised at the difference a little colour and lighting adjustment on top of some light denoting can make in a photo. For someone who is more than likely used to camera phone selfies, going the extra mile here will really impress her. Of course, don’t put all of your cards on the table just yet. Even if you are on a website whose sole purpose is to get you laid, completely naked photos just don’t do it. Not because they don’t belong, but rather because they leave nothing for her to think about afterwards.

The 5 Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones On The Market Today

Hearing good music is pretty difficult when there’s too much background noise. If you’re not happy with the noise, your next move is to raise the volume of your player. This is not good for your ears. If you want to listen to great music without being bothered with the noise and without letting your ears endure full volume, you should get any of the top 5 noise-cancelling headphones on the market.

1. PSB M4U 2 headphones

It is a great headphone to have if you want listen to good quality music. Its noise-cancelling capability is just above average. But since it can give you excellent sound quality, it is more than enough to eliminate ambient noise. This headphone is a lot expensive compared to other top noise-cancelling headphones on the market and may not be right for people with limited budget.


Best noise-cancelling headphones to buy in 2013

2. Harman Kardon NC headphones

Just like the PSB M4U2, this headphone is quite pricey compared to other noise-cancelling headphones available for sale. Then again, you are getting your money’s worth with its stylish design that fits comfortably over your ears. It eliminates ambient noise and provides excellent sound quality. It is also very portable as it can be folded comfortably and placed inside its cool case.

3. Bose Quiet Comfort 15

This is perhaps the headphone that has the best noise-cancelling capability and offers the best sound quality. It also has a very sleek design. The designers did a great job in making the headphones very comfortable to use. It is also very portable and includes a carrying case, allowing you to bring it wherever you go. Also, Bose offers a 30-day trial where you can test the device and see if it fits your needs and your standards.

4. Soul by Ludacris SL300


How Do I Choose the Best Noise Cancelling Headphones?

It is a celebrity-endorsed headphone that has a very effective noise-cancelling capability. It also has a comfortable headband and a wide array of accessories that will surely satisfy your needs. However, when it comes to sound quality, it’s not as good as some of its competitors. Its bass can drown out most of the sound clarity. But for $149, it is still a great option.

5. Sony MDR-NC200D

If you can’t afford the Bose Quiet Comfort 15, then the Sony MDR-NCR200 D is the best alternative for you. It is affordable and you can get average noise cancellation with the headphone. You will also get good quality music by having a deep bass.

Headphones are very important accessories for music enthusiasts. Most of the noise-cancelling headphones available can do a fine job in eliminating ambient sound. Using them allows you to listen to good music without hurting your ears. Most of them also fit nicely to your smartphone, making it a one-time solution to your ambient sound problems.

Sensory Deprivation – And Why It Rocks

If you’re new to bondage play, you may not have heard of sensory deprivation. This practice has been around for ages, but is only now beginning to take hold in the larger BDSM community.

However, sensory deprivation can be not only a lot of fun for a submissive, but a great deal of fun for a Dominant. As with other bondage and BDSM techniques, it is vastly important to be safe when practicing sensory deprivation, and to make sure that both the Top and bottom are on the same page when it comes to consent and enjoyment.

Once you know what kinds of things you can expect when practicing sensory deprivation, you’re ready to begin. Talk to your partner, make sure that you’re both thinking along the same lines, and start thinking about ways you can use sensory deprivation as part of your everyday lives – or just in your bedroom bondage play, whichever appeals to you.

Sensory Deprivation Heightens Feelings of Vulnerability

“You cannot explain the feeling”

This is possibly the most important thing to remember about sensory deprivation when you’re first beginning to think about the idea of practicing it. If you want to heighten your partner’s responses, think about why they are heightened. Your partner is not feeling normal.

Most sensory deprivation sessions begin with a kind of bondage. Perhaps the submissive person is bound on her back, perhaps on her hands and knees, or perhaps she is suspended; as a rigger, you know that the options for her positions are endless. During a sensory deprivation session, at least one of her senses has to be completely cut off. The most common kind of sensory deprivation currently practiced is of course the blindfold. However, there are other ways to deprive someone of senses, including utilizing earplugs and a nose clamp along with the blindfold.

Especially if your submissive is currently in a suspension rig, it’s extremely important for you to realize the state of vulnerability that he or she is currently experiencing. Every sensation your bound partner experience is due to your desires. If he or she is lying on a bed, they at least have the option to wriggle and feel the touch of the sheets. Suspended, they do not even have this ability, and are wholly dependent on you for something as mundane as touch, and contact to the world.

Sensory Deprivation Heightens Other Sensations

“Other sensations are heightened”

You may have heard that blind people have enhanced senses of hearing. This also applies for the person that you’re carefully binding, teasing, and playing with. Be aware that she or he will not be feeling normal; this person may be in subspace at the current moment, a state that can feel like a euphoric, weightless floating that takes away all cares and leaves them feeling immensely happy in a strange way. The first time a sub experiences this, it can be overwhelming, so make certain that your sub is never left alone for even a moment while you’re practicing sensory deprivation.

While many people on bondage sites are worried about meeting Tops that aren’t careful of their bottoms, it can be equally damaging to meet a sub who is unconscious of her or his own reaction to sensations, and her or his own responses to that kind of stimuli. Make sure to read reviews of bondage dating sites before you commit to being part of one; if you find that too many of the people on the site have reported meeting people that are not good at taking care of themselves, you may need to find another site to use. Sites like have large bondage communities that are usually very good at making sure the members are happy, healthy, and safe.

Sensory Deprivation In Modern Culture

“Now we have sensory deprivation tanks”

Sensory deprivation is making a recent surge into modern times-it is no surprise that when something is so effective at heightening the senses, it has exploded in popularity. For example, there are many bars, clubs, and restaurants that have popped up in the last several years that emphasize the importance of eating (or drinking, or dancing, or anything) in complete darkness.

Opaque, a restaurant and lounge in Los Angeles, has led the pack for years in providing an intriguing and intimate dining experience, where patrons are led carefully to tables in complete darkness. There are many copycat bars and other restaurants, but Opaque is one of the best places to experience the world of sensory deprivation as it applies to a broader culture than the rest of BDSM.

Reading reviews of bondage sites can help you find out whether the site you plan to use is one that will be good about providing partners, guides, and sessions about sensory deprivation, and whether you want to use it. If you’re very taken with the idea of trying out this new sensation, you may want to be totally sure that the bondage dating site you’re on is one that will take care of you in this way.

Sensory Deprivation as Torture

“This mask can be used”

Any time sensations can be heightened; there will be people that will misuse the technique. A good Top can use sensory deprivation to enhance the experience of his sub tenfold, and make sure that he or she is begging for more no matter how shaking the experience can be.

Sensory deprivation in the hands of a bad or domineering Top can be a bad experience. This can be something that is done more for His pleasure than anything else, and it’s very important that you make sure not to meet people like this on bondage dating sites. If you’re not sure, check out some reviews of bondage dating sites to ensure that you’re not setting yourself up for some serious hard issues in the future. If you are serious about bondage dating then visit and find out the legit sites first.

Sensory Deprivation and Safety

As with any kind of BDSM, aftercare and care during the process of sensory deprivation is of complete and utmost importance. If you want to practice this, you have to find a good practitioner and ask to practice with them. If you can’t trust the person you’re practicing with, this is not a safe thing to do.

If your submissive goes into subspace, then as a Dominant, you have to be ready for this. Make sure to have everything nearby you would always have in an emergency bondage kit, such as safety scissors, water for hydration, and a first-aid kit. If your sub starts experiencing any kind of episode, make sure you know her or him well enough to bring that person out of subspace and back to a comfortable mental state. This is an advanced technique, and shouldn’t be practiced by people who don’t know what they’re doing.

If you want to get into sensory deprivation but you’re not sure where to start, a blindfold is a good way to introduce gentle elements of this practice into your bondage life. If both of you enjoy it, go ahead and take small steps forward. Just be aware that this can be an intense physical and emotional experience, and plan accordingly. You don’t want to be the kind of Dom that sends their subs running for the hills after a bad experience, you want to be the kind who brings them back for more.

Why It’s Better To Stay Single: 5 Reasons Why You Need To

Today, it seems like everybody’s OK with sharing with the rest of the world everything that’s going on in their lives. You’ll see that often enough the moment you log on to your favorite social networking site. All day long you can see your friends sharing photos of the exotic vacations they took, the awesome nightlife they have, and that dreamy lovelife that always seems to have evaded you for the longest time. Envious? Don’t be.

It may not be that obvious for some, and you may think that this is just a lame attempt at trying to make you feel better, but there are huge advantages to being single. And if you think that having a partner to share your heart and soul with is the best thing that can happen to you, better think again. Here are five reasons why being single can after all be the best thing that can happen to you.

You Can Finally Play the Field with No Strings Attached


The REAL Reason You’re Still Single

Who says boys get all the fun when they’re single. Now that you are, you can give your number to all the really hot guys without worrying someone will be hurt, or is waiting back home for you. Now you can be flirty and pretty and get free drinks and dance the night away without any form of guilt. There’s a reason why some men love staying single. Now you can finally get to experience it from their point of view. Live a little. Try not to keep on looking for Mr. Right. He’ll find you soon enough.

What You Buy Is Yours

Now you can finally buy that expensive watch you’ve always wanted, or that slinky LBD you’ve been drooling for for so long. No more thinking of ridiculously cute gifts on Valentine’s day, or your eighth, fifteenth, or thirty fourth month anniversary. No more torturing yourself what to give him on his birthday, or for Christmas. What you earn is yours, therefore the decision to buy (AND save!) is yours. You can go shopping with your friends or for your family all you want. And each purchase is bound to become sweeter.

No More Hiding!

When you’re single, there’s no more reason to hide anything from your partner—because you don’t have one. There’s no more passwords to give, no more inboxes they “need” to go through, and certainly no more purchases/gifts/receipts you need to hide just so no one gets suspicious. Ugh!

No More Fake Orgasms

A lot of women have lied about this bit, unless you consider yourself an expert and can will yourself to do it the moment your partner does (or whenever you want to). But when you’re single, you can finally indulge in giving pleasure to yourself with our without a partner in bed. And if that isn’t exciting enough, we don’t know what is.


Reasons You Should Stay Single

Goodbye Heartaches!

When you’re single, you can play the field as much as you want—as long as you keep yourself in check. So don’t go falling in love with the first guy you hook up with! It’s a great feeling, that rare kind of feeling. No more fear of getting dumped—or having to deliver the news that they are being dumped.

So if you want to add some color to your life in hues you’ve never seen before, stay single. Who cares what old folks say about you needing to set time aside to look for your one true love? Let them find you for a change!

5 Ways To Get Rid Of A Muffin Top

Wikipedia best describes “muffin top” as a phenomenon of overhanging fat when it spills over the waistline of pants or skirts in a manner that resembles the top of a muffin spilling over its paper casing. Muffin top is better known to some as belly fats a very undesirable sighting to health buffs. The following are 5 ways that should help you get rid of that muffin top quickly.

1. Side bends. Muffin tops are visible to almost everybody who tends to overeat. Side bends should do the trick. It must be included to your regular workout to see its effect. First you have to stand with feet apart and arms sideward. Reach down through your toes with one arm while the other one is lifted towards your waist and is placed on the hips. Alternate on both sides until you do 100 reps.

2. Wear fitting clothes. Being particular with clothes, create an illusion of a body shape that is not really there. Big bones should avoid wearing lose baggy shirts and lose pants because they tend to accentuate any hidden baggage you have. Wear something that will hide your muffin top instead. Tight-fitting shirts and low-rise darker wash jeans are more flattering with your body. It also creates a silhouette that accentuates your curves in a good way.


Top 5 ways to get rid of your muffin top without dieting

3. Cardios. Cardiovascular exercises are the most common resort of stripping out the fat in your body. But hey, it is very much effective as it could be. Jogging, distant walking, cycling, aerobics, swimming, kickboxing, or any other activities that would make you heart pump up more energy than usual will do. 40 minutes of exercise three times a week is basically recommended eventually increasing up to 1 hour per exercise.

4. The trick. This idea may sound ridiculous but still it is an idea worth a try. There is no need to have a diet in here, no need to exercise regularly. This is one simple trick within a minute and your problem will be solved. What you need to do is to cut a slit into your jeans that wouldn’t fit but would like to wear it on. The slit should be vertical around the waistband and should be enough for you to fit the jeans. With shirt pulled down to cover the slits, now you’re ready to go!

5. Spanx. If you wanted that instant look and not be tortured by diets and exercise what is more better way than to use Spanx. Spanx has all the body shapers you need to make your appearance shapelier and slimmer. No sweat, Bridget Jones has all that!


How to Get Rid of Muffin Top: 7 Easy Steps

You can’t have trim only specific spots on your body at one time. If you try to trim one, you have to be lean in most areas. Fats like to hang around your midsection always – as in always. It may be stuck in there like forever. But exercise, diet, and a littler trick will help.

5 Questions A Smart Investor Will Ask Before Making The Decision

Investing money is a smart move if you want to make it grow. However, success doesn’t come immediately once you invest your money. You still need to work hard to make sure that you get the best out of this investment. Before you can start putting your money on a business opportunity, you should answer questions that can help you identify the success of your investment. Here are 5 questions you should never forget to ask:

1. How did you learn about the investment opportunity?

Most of the time you will hear an investment opportunity through the people around you, it could be your friend or any family member. Don’t just give your money to them because you heard the opportunity from people you rely on. Don’t rely solely on what they have to say, but try to do some research and get information about the opportunity first.


Ask yourself these 3 questions before you make a new investment

2. Is the business going strong?

When doing your research, asking the current status of the business is among those that you need to know. You will need to learn how the business operates. Interview some employees and ask the management on what their plans are if they get higher profits.

3. What can you give to the industry you are investing in?

If you want to grow your money, then it is important that you can help the business in any way you can. You can be an active or passive investor depending on your knowledge about the business. You can use the experiences you have gathered in the past to help the business especially if it is relevant to it.

4. What do the business’ financial statements say?

Checking the financial statement is a critical part when planning to invest into a certain business. It is through this statement that you can see the financial status of the company. Check if where your money will lie. Will it be on a business that is gaining, breaking even or on the losing side?

5. Do you really want to be part of the venture?

It is important that you have really made up your mind to invest in a particular business. Any hesitation on your part will be detrimental especially in decision making. If you are still undecided with the business, do not get sold to the promises offered by the company. Find other opportunities that will put your mind at ease.


Four questions every investor should ask their advisor

Your investment will go only one of these two ways. You can gain more out of the money you have invested or you can lose everything. You have to be smart before you invest money. Asking these questions first increases your chances of having a successful investment and not lose all your hard-earned money later on.

Best Ways To Maximize Pinterest For Your Business

Unlike the three giants of social media, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Pinterest is niche-focus and is often used by women. But its massive growth last year made its makers to expand to appeal more business network, men and women entrepreneurs. If you have not used Pinterest before and has a nonprofit or small business then now is the best time to check this social media website out and explore possibilities of how Pinterest will help you out. Understand though that Pinterest is a platform that makes use of images, so play around it to encourage engagement and ultimately win clients.

Create story and Idea Boards

Pinterest is the best platform to create story boards where people can pin their ideas. Such boards can be employee boards, for interacting with your employees; customer boards, of course to get your clients into the fold of your business and to get to know you, your staff and company better; and idea board or how to board to explain to your customers just how you or your products work.


Ways to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business

Pinterest allows people around your business to show off their work, their expertise and interests. This ideas, suggestions or hobbies pinned on this social platform will give you a lot of ideas what you can do to improve as a business or what you can offer next to provide more quality service.

Sharing your various content

 So “tContent” is still King and you make use of it for your marketing strategies. If you have been on this business using internet as one of your main tool to promote your product, services or business events then you understand that content can consist of images, ebooks, blogs and videos, among others. However, content does not lie still on your website. You would want to spread the news around and give your content some legs. You made use of Facebook for sure and Twitter of course; so why not made use of Pinterest as well? This will give your content more legs. You can also share other people’s content to make it more interesting.

Start a contest


New to Pinterest? 10 Ways To Add it To Your Marketing Strategy (Infographic)

Building a brand? One way to do it big time is to have a contest. A lot of businesses already did it and made Pinterest as the platform to use if you want to start online contest to drive traffic towards your website. Involve your customers in your business events and have them Pin something according to a requirements you have set up for them to do to be able to win interesting prizes.

All these stuff mentioned above are great but they are only doable if you are “pinnable”, active and clear with your pins. Get boredom off of your boards, engage people and be personal. You don’t want to sound business-like formal on these social media. And speaking about social media, link your Pinterest with your business other social media. Don’t forget to use Pinterest tools such as Repinly and PinReach to see what’s tending and get more involved.